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Warhammer rumori



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Warhammer rumori

Post  Stavrogin on Thu Dec 29, 2011 2:41 pm

Vampiri prvo
preuzato sa
http://www.vampirecounts.net/Thread-Rumour-Compilation-Vampire-Counts-New-Release-14th-Jan-[Rumour Compilation] Vampire Counts New Release: 14th Jan 2012

The Aristocracy of the Night Rises Again……….

For those who have been living under a rock, you may not know that the new Vampire Counts book is out in 14th January 2012.

It’s only days away, but I for one can’t wait! So here is a wrap of all the rumours and juicy pictures so far…..
These are posted from various sources on the internet, credit goes to the respective original authors, as well as our thanks

Book written by Phil Kelly.
Release 14th Jan 2012


All Vampire has rule called "Hunger" - You get to roll a D6 when the vampire kills one or more models in combat, on a 6 you recovers one wound. (Vlad with Blood Drinker pass the roll on 4+)

Also Vampire, including vampiric creatures "such as" Varghulf and Vargheist, can march. So Vargheist will be able to move 20" per turn almost all the time. (not sure if Varghulf can also fly)

Vampiric Powers: (not all of them, just those mentioned in WD)
Flying Horror - give the vampire ability to fly (unsure)
Dread Knight - ability to boost WS (don't know how - but a Vampire Llord with Dread Knight has WS of 9)
Quickblood - gains ASF
Master of the Black Arts - get to re-roll one D6 for the Winds of Magic.
Dark Acolyte - add D3 to the total number of models raised by Nehek.
Red Fury - should be about the same. (unsure)

New units:

Coven Throne
- Basically a chariot mount for your Lord.
- Is a Large target with S5 T5 5W and 5+ save.
- has Spectral Steed rules (can move 8"), Undead, Vampiric, ASF (only for Handmaiden who has 2 S5 Attacks)
- has Random Attacks (2D6) at S3 from the spirit horde.
- Has Ward Save of 4+
- Battle of Wills (before the first enemy rolls to hit against the character or the Throne, both player roll a D6 and add their LD value. Has effects based on the difference of the score)
* no effect (0 or less)
* suffer -1WS/BS
* the enemy must re-roll successful To Hits
* each model in the enemy unit strike each other (only 1 attack per model)
- Has Bound Spell (lvl3) allowing the Throne (and all of its crew) to re-roll either To Hit or To Wound rolls.


Mortis Engine
- Is a Rare Choice
- Same stats as for the Throne (S5 T5 W5 Sv5+)
- has 2D6 attacks at S3 from the spirit horde
- Undead, Terror, Spectral Steed, and Regeneration
- can make Ghostly Howl attack.
- can take upgrade, allowing any wizards casting spell from the Lore of the Vampires to get +2 to their casting attempt. (ANY) miscast wizards rolls twice on the table and have the opponent choose the result)
- The Reliquary (at the start of your turn, roll 2D6 and add the current turn number - until the start of its next turn, all friendly Undead units within this number of range gains +1 bonus to their Regeneration, 6+ if they don't have any, to a maximum of 4+. Also, all enemy units within this range suffers D6 hits at the strength equal to the turn number.

- Also has some penalties if removed from play - by damaging every units within a random range at the strength equal to the current turn number)


Master Necromancer
- New Lord choice (ie. better Necromancer)

- Banshees and Cairn Wraith are now Hero

Hexwraiths (special)
- Fast Cavalry with Ethereal (yes!) that can inflict automatic S5 hits on unit that it moved through.

Vargheist (special)
- Flying Monstrous Infantry that has Fly, Frenzy, and 3A.

Crypt Horrors (special)
- Monstrous Infantry unit with M6 S4 T5 I2 W3 A3, has Poisoned Attacks, Regeneration 5+, and Undead

Signature Spell is definitely Invocation of Nehek - on the most fundamental level it can restore "D6 + caster's Wizard level" of Wounds to friendly Undead unit within 6". Boosted version has 12" range, as well as 18" ones.

Other spells includes Raise Dead, Vanhel's Danse Macabre, Curse of Years, Gaze of Nagash, and Wind of Death

Lore attribute: When the spell from the Lore of the Vampires is succefully casted, the wizard or any undead models within 12" restores 1 wound.

I've tried to read the Wind of Death it spell, thats what I found

"wind of undead is a magical vortex that uses the small round template. Once the template is placed, the player then nominates the direction in with Wind of Death will move. To determines how many inches template moves roll the artilery dice and multiple the result by 3. Any unit beneath or passed by the template takes D6 S3 hits for each rank XXX of the unit with no armour save allowed. If a roll on the artilery dice is a misfire place the template on the caster and roll a scatter dice and D6. The template moves a number of inches equall on the roll on D6 in the direction indicated by the scatter dice. If hit is rolled use the small arrow on the Hit XXX (dice). In either XXXXXXXX - 4 words (most likely it says about next turns) the Wind of Death moves a number of inches determined by rolling an artillery dice, in a random direction determined by rolling a scatter dice. If a missfire is rolled in subsequent turns the Wint of Death (not sure) dissapears and is removed. The last sentance states that bigger template can be used on a roll of 21. "

feel free to fill the missing words cuz I have completly no idea and let me know what you think about spell itself. I think its great vs armies with a lot of models

Points Costs

Skeletons....should be A LOT cheaper.
(40 Skellies with Full Command for less than 240 points. )

Crypt Ghouls... definitely a bit more expensive.

Zombies... even cheaper than the current one.

Fell Bats... cheaper.

Corpse Cart.... almost the same (but goes Special)

Black Knights.... cheaper.

Spirit Host... cheaper as well.

Varghulf... remains the same.

Dire Wolf....should be exactly the same.


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Re: Warhammer rumori

Post  Stavrogin on Thu Dec 29, 2011 2:51 pm

Dakle, prvo komentar za minijature, kasnije cu komentarisati rumore.

Imamo (koliko sam ja shvatio) 3 nova boxa sa po dve kombinacije minijatura, 3 nova lika (Handmaiden su dodatak za Throne) i accesory box.

Nisu se narocito pretrgli sa trudom oko minijatura i novi modeli mi se uglavnom ne dopadaju.

Izuzetak su plasticni black knightovi sa konjima koje je GW ocigledno preuzeo od Gamezone minijatura.
Hexwrath verzija istih mi se ne dopada-zasto bi iko nosio lance i lobanje na kosama ffs?, mada mislim da ce moci zanimljivo da se iskoristi za konverzije.

Novi ghoul monster infantry-nadao sam se da ce VC zaista dobiti neke zanimljive modele, al, eto, prevarih se.

Novi Krell mi je odvratan, razumem ja da su promenili pricu i da je bio haotik i da ga briga za odelo, ali nije morao da se obuce u gorilu.
Novi Necromanser Lord mi se ne dopada narocito-izgleda mi previse coskast.
Nova Izabela i nije toliko losa (u odnosu na prethodnu i ostale nove karaktere), i mislim da bi opcioni set ruku (i glava) od nje nacinili sasvim finu minijaturu.

Ono veliko cudo mi je dopadljivo i bilo bi extra...ako bi se odsekla donja polovina minijature.
Gde im je bio mozak kada su pravili ono?
Mislim, brate, pare za pare, ali ono je visoko...30cm?
Da sam hteo da imam bazu za vozilo 100x150 igrao bih 40k

Takodje mi se dopada i Von Carstein upgrade pack-ovo postoji odavno u 40k-u pitanju je ceo box sa bitsevima koji imaju istu tematiku.

Jeste skupo uzeti ceo box samo zbog bitseva ali se bad dobiju dobre stvari.

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Re: Warhammer rumori

Post  Stavrogin on Thu Dec 29, 2011 4:00 pm

E, sad na rumore.
Prvo da naglasim da imam dovoljno razloga da verujem da su svi ovi rumori 99% tacni.

Vampirske moci-nista krupno nije menjano, ocekujem povecanje u poenima, ali nista preterano.

Magije-necu znati tacno koliko su promenjene dok ne vidim detaljniji opis. Ocekujem poskupljenje castinga sa ovim sto je opisano.Ne vidim neku veliku razliku za sad. Ali, d6 rana+4 od caster lvla+1 od lore atributa mi za sad deluje mnogo rana za povratiti.

Koske su pojeftinili-ocekivano, posledica nove GW politike-koliko para toliko vojske.

Zombiji su pojeftinili...vidi komentar za koske.

Fell Bats...vidi komentar za koske.

Corpse Cart....vidi komentar za koske.

Black Knights....vidi komentar za koske.

Spirit Host...vidi komentar za koske.

Ghoulovi su poskupeli-GW je morao da nadje nacin da prodaje koske i zombije.

Nove jedinice.
Sa izlaskom 8. edicije i pravila koje konjici ne dozvoljava da negira redove ako ih nema 10 konjica je otisla u drugi plan.

Hexwrathovi su, ocigledno GW pokusaj da ucini konjicu validnijom.
Po onome sto pise deluju mi totalno OTT.
Po onome sto rade mislim da bi trebalo da budu oko 70pts po modelu (wrathovi pesadinci su 50pts) sto bi sprecilo swarmovanje istih-ne svidja mi se sto su specia a ne rare choice.

Vargheist i Crypt Horrors-pa, ocekivao sam da ce Vampirima da dodaju udarace-svi vampirski heavy hitteri su ili likovi ili rare. Ne svidja mi se Fly special rule na monster pesadiji (videcemo poentazu istih), ali, ko sam ja da sudim GWu.

E, sad, Trone.

Ocigledno da je i on deo sada aktuelnog Monsterhammera.

Nacin na koji je napravljen Tron.
GW accountant:"Hmm, vampiri trenutno nemaju op monstera pa nisu toliko aktuelni i prodaja nam opada, ajde da napravimo velikog monstera pa da ga prodajemo-to ionako radimo non-stop.
GW dizajner:"Ali, ne znam kako da napravim to cudo, vampirima su uvek bile vaznije trupe, oni nisu tip armije kojima je dzinovski monster potreban"
GW accountant:"Gluposti, moji troskovi zimovanja su glavni dokaz da nam je veliki monster neophodan vampirima, ajde, sad, sredi da bude skupo i rare-sta imamo da ulazi u te kategorije?"
GW dizajner:"Banshee, Black Coach i Varghulf."
GW dizajner:"Pa, sta cekas-spoji ih u jedno!"

Tron ima osobine Banshee, Black Coach i Varghulfa.
Vec ga mrzim.


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Re: Warhammer rumori

Post  Stavrogin on Wed Jan 18, 2012 12:19 am

Rumori su se pokazali kao skoro 100% tacni.
Gledah novu knjigu, poslah vam linkove.
Ne dopada mi se narocito.
Takodje, vec vidim turnirske liste sa Necromanser lordom kao generalom, jos jednim kao podrska, 5+ necromansera i gomilom zombija.
Sreca pa su limitirali Master of Dread na 1 po armiji.
Vampiri su (da, karikiram da bi dokazao poentu) po novim pravilima nepotrebni-a i preskupi za ono sto daju u odnosu na necromansere koji uopste nisu OTT.

Sa druge strae, zaista mi se dopada pokusaj da vrate stare bloodlineove kroz zanimljive moci.
P.S. Jel se to meni spava ili vampiri imaju samo jedno magicno oruzje-WTF GW!1?

Ovo je moje prvo misljenje.
Previse je kasno da bih dalje komentarisao.


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Re: Warhammer rumori

Post  Toza on Mon Jan 23, 2012 11:10 am

Rumor The Empire


There are rumours of Empire in 2012 (I had them in June but also have them in Mar/April with a BIG "?")
There are rumours that some kits will arrive before the army book (as with VC) (Harry, Mirabeau, malladin.ben)
The rumour is the War alter kit arrives with a couple of characters before the rest. (Harry. malladin.ben)

Rumours about the army:

Ulric is back on the menu.
Teutogen Guard are in. (ghost21)
Religion / the gods are more prominent. (Harry, ghost21, Mirbeau)
Theres also a sphere of influence so Sigmarites will not be affected by Priests of Ulric and Ulricans wont be affected by sigmaric priests...etc. Different gods priests have different abilities. Ulric are ‘frothing loonies’ and Morr focus on undead. Priests can impact on a units abilities when they join them. (ghost21).
There is a new focus on Morr. Priests of Morr, Knights of Morr, Garden of Morr, etc.

Rumours about models:

Empire will get 4 plastic kits and some plastic one piece characters as well as some old models being redone in finecast.

Rumours of Karl Franz

There are rumours of a plastic Lord/Hero on a Griffon that could 'pass' as Karl Franz. (Harry)
There is a rumour that it IS Karl Franz. (which is an interesting development as this is the first time we have seen a special, named character as a plastic kit).
“The new plastic Empire hero on griffon is also supposed to be very nice” (hastings)

Rumours of a plastic War Alter (and something new?)

There are rumours of a dual plastic kit which makes a War Alter and something else. (Harry, hastings, ghost21, malladin.ben)
It is rumoured that the War Alter can be customised to make Sigmar, Ulric or Morr. (ghost21)
There is a rumour that it makes a War Alter and a War wagon.
There is a rumour that it makes a War alter and a “College of Magic wizardlordmobile”. (NatTreehouse, Harry)

Rumours of new Warrior priests:

There are rumors of new warrior priests for Sigmar, Ulric, and Morr. (ghost21, malladin.ben)
There is a rumours of Warrior priest kit like the wizards kit.
These may be sculpts done for the plastic War Alter. (Rather than an additional kit or individual sculpts)
The Ulricians may just be finecast versions of the excellent ones from the storm of Chaos. (ghost21)
There is also a rumour about a priestess of Myrmidia (ghost21)

Rumours of Demi-Griffon knights.

There are rumours of Demi-Griffon knights. (Eldargal and others )

Rumours of Inner Circle knights:

There is a rumour of a new box of inner circle knights with lots of options for different orders.(ghost21)
This is the reason for no new knights. (ghost21)

There is a rumour that the Inner Circle Knights and Demi-griffon knights are the same dual kit.

Rumours of new Knights:

No new knights. (hastings)
Rumour of the sprue re-cut for the knights. (ghost21)
Rumour of individual Knightly Orders rather than redone generic set. (eldargal)
Rumour of new Knights of Morr. (Mirbeau and others )
Rumour of more packs like the blazing sun bits pack to customize the existing knights. (ghost21)

Rumours of a Nuln Siege Cannon:

Rumours of a BIG cannon. (Darnock via a birdy, ghost21)
Massive cannon used to defend the walls of Nuln. (Darnock via birdy)
The cannon is big … as big as the ogres …. Mock up had “Nuln” plastered on the front. (ghost21)
This was rumoured as part of the duel war alter kit. (Darnock via a birdy)
This has been poo pooed by others (hastings, NatTreehouse)

There are rumours of some things back from 4th edition: (ghost21)

These are the options:

- Individual Knightly Orders
- Reiksguard (foot)
- Kislev Horse Archers
- Kislev Winged Lancers
- Ogres
- Dwarfs
- Halflings (and Halfling Hot Pot)
- War Wagon
- and various named characters.

Rumours of Halflings (specifically):

There are rumours of a return of halflings. (eldargal, Harry, heihei)

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Re: Warhammer rumori

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